Gate Fund Raffle Part II
As you know extensive work has been done on the gate the past year, and
extensive work is still needed to make it the Gate we want it to be.

To be able to purchase supplies needed some Loch Ruadh members have
generously donated items to raffle off to the populace. All proceeds from
this raffle will go directly into the Gate Fund (not the Shire accounts)
for the purchase of supplies and other misc. gate related expenses.

The Raffle drawing was held at Novembers's Ceilidh.

The Winners
The Trailer was won by Alric & Fiona

Aaron Floyd - Little Knife, Letter Opener
Brian Floyd - Gray Obsidian Knife (knife3), Knights Templar Book, Little Knife
Alaric & Fiona - Big Brass Bell, Lace Bobbins
Polydore - Obsidian Knife (knife1), Big Knife
Padraig - Obsidian Knife (knife2), Big Knife
Dana - Bottle and glasses
Kate - Sword
Tegwyrd - Little Knife
Catrin - Little Knife
Alex - Viking Apron, Medieval Warrior book
Cat - Little Knife, Slave Bracelet
Eric - Deer Snow Globe
Rose - Big Knife

Total amount raised by this raffle was $ 191.00.
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