Gate Fund Raffle
As you know extensive work has been done on the gate the past year, and
extensive work is still needed to make it the Gate we want it to be.

To be able to purchase supplies needed some Loch Ruadh members have
generously donated items to raffle off to the populace. All proceeds from
this raffle will go directly into the Gate Fund (not the Shire accounts)
for the purchase of supplies and other misc. gate related expenses.

The Winners
Throwing Axe - Lord Polydore Pike
Iron Banana Tree made from a horse shoe and rod - Lady Janie of DFT
Spoon with a black smith's twist in the handle - Lord Polydore
Book "Henry VIII" by J. J. Scarisbrick - My lady Anise (Kelly)
Book "The Medieval Menagerie, Animals in the Middle Ages," by Janetta Rebold Benton Lady Gwenllian Hartwell
Book "Ship and Boat Models in Ancient Greece," by Paul Forsythe Johnston - HE Crandal
Set of hand turned lace bobbins made Lord Padraig - HE Dana Mac anGhabhan
Book Constructing Medieval Furniture: Plans and Instructions With Historical Notes by Daniel Diehl - Lord Padraig
Leather disc belt with blue and bronze accents - Lady Catrin
Bag of Jewelry - Lady Vivian
1 hand thrown purple ceramic pot - Lord Polydore Pike
1 gold bead torc necklace - Lord Polydore Pike
1 cream colored snood - Lord Polydore Pike
1 SET of three iron and bronze candle sticks (twisted construction) - Lady Bice De Pietro
1 sword - Lady Bice De Pietro
Book " William Wallace - Lord Kazmirez od Wollin
Book " Medieval Beasts" - Lord Padraig
Book "Trades and Crafts in Medieval Manuscripts", - Lady Janie of DFT
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