Badge of the Exchequer
Picture of Gwenllian Brighid Hertewelle


Lady Gwenllian Brighid Hertewelle
The treasurer for the Shire.

A few words on the duties of an exchequer. First and foremost you must take care of the funds and keep clear and correct records of all the activities in the bank account.

You are responsible for making a report each month to the Central Regional Exchequer and a quarterly report is sent to the Kingdom Exchequer. At the end of the year you must make an end of year report that compiles all the quarterly reports. All these reports are sent to several other people as well as those listed.

You have a ledger in which to record all the checks and deposits and any other activities in the account. There are files you must keep including ones for receipts, reports, correspondence, copies of membership cards and IDs of all those allowed to sign the checks. You must also have a copy of the Treasurer's Handbook and should have a copy of Kingdom Law.

You are responsible for setting up a cash box for any events or fundraising that the Shire has. You must also be on hand to pick up, count and deposit any monies raised. Your most important job is to keep the Shire solvent and be sure that nothing puts the Shire in danger of losing it's operating funds or becoming suspended for not reporting and/or committing any illegal transactions. It is not a hard job but it does require commitment and some time.

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