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Picture of Lilias of the Waters


Lilias of the Waters
The officer who publishes the Shire newsletter, The Scarlet Letter.

Prey tell, are you looking for all the news and happenings within the Shire of Loch Ruadh? Than you have found your partner in crime, for so am I! I am Lilias of the Waters, and as Chronicler for our fair Shire I am responsible for the Scarlet Letter, Loch Ruadh’s quarterly publication (newsletter). Aside from writing of the news and events of our Shire, I diligently seek members to contribute submissions and share ideas. Let me expound:

  • Did you attend an event and snap that perfect photograph?
  • Have you heard tell of events and happenings, both local and in far away lands, that you have a burning desire to share with others?
  • Are you working on a special Arts & Science project you have a thirst to share?
  • Perhaps you are a Bard or artist who has a yearning to share their latest poem, song, or story with us?

If any of these areas apply to you, than we should have an exchange. All submissions for the Scarlet Letter will be due by the populace meeting preceding publication.

  • Publication Dates:
    • January
    • April
    • July
    • October
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