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Arts and Sciences

Olga the Chocolate Viking
The officer who oversees the art and science activities of the Shire.

The Arts and Sciences (A&S) community in Ansteorra is a thriving, innovative, eccentric, knowledgeable, mix of craft persons, artists, bards, and researchers; collectively known as Artisans, dedicated to enriching the Realm and the Dream.

Craft persons sew, weave, dye, transform metals, create brews, cook, work with glass or enamel, etc.; using a variety of mediums to create objects from the everyday to the extraordinary.

Artists paint, sculpt, draw, mold, script, design and create beautiful reproductions of period type artwork.

Bards sing, write, perform, recite, and/or play period music, lyrics, and verse and/or stories for the enjoyment of others and themselves.

Researchers read, process, and recreate information on all aspects, cultures, and periods encompassed within the scope of the SCA's fascination with the recreation of Medieval times. The structure of the Arts and Sciences community is founded on individuals interested in any or all of the above pursuits.

Specific Baronies, Shires, Cantons, and Colleges appoint an officer, known as the Minister of Arts and Sciences (MoAS) to orchestrate the group's A&S activities. The MoAS schedules classes and workshops, develops and shares learning resources, promotes participation, maintains files and reports, shares information on happenings in the community, and organizes A&S competitions. There are Local, Regional, Kingdom, and Society level Ministers of Arts and Sciences.

There are levels of attainment within the A&S community and titles associated with each level. The winner of a group's A&S competition may be known as their Champion and holds this honor for one year.

If an artisan is particularly adept or talented in a specific area, they may be awarded a Thistle for their skill on a local level. An artisan may have Thistles in a variety of mediums.

When a person's skill continues to advance, they begin teaching, and are recognized for their skill on a regional level, they may be awarded an Iris and become entitled to be addressed as Honorable Lord or Honorable Lady.

When an artisan attains an exceptional level of skill and ability in a single or multiple art forms and is known kingdom wide as an example for conduct within the Society, they may be elevated to Laurel and known as Master or Mistress. If an artisan aspires to become a Laurel they may become a Student or Apprentice to a Laurel as they strive to advance their skill and reputation.

Advancement in rank in the A&S community can be the result of a conscious effort by the artisan, but many awards are granted simply on the artisan's skill and desire to share knowledge with others as they enrich themselves.

In Loch Ruadh we currently have a rotating monthly A&S schedule that includes Classes in a variety of A&S subjects as dictated by the interests of the group, a Garb Workshop, when we gather to sew clothing, share knowledge and ideas, and assist one another in completing projects, and Scribes and Illuminators, which is our time to work on award scrolls for the Shire and the Kingdom. We have some members who have an active interest in creating banners to enrich the atmosphere of our encampments who meet several times a year to draw and paint banners.

Loch Ruadh is largely known for her Bardic Circles. We have a Bardic gathering once a month, when we share song and story-telling, we also generally have an open Bardic Circle at our encampments; inviting any and all who wish to join us. The Shire's annual A&S Competition is held at Lughnasad, the event we host each year. This competition is organized by the A&S Minister. Please see our calendar for specifics.

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