Where We Meet

Regularly scheduled meetings and gatherings in Loch Ruadh.

Meeting Day Time Location
Populace MeetingFirst Wed8:00 PMLocation Varies
Everyone is welcome to attend to learn more about what the group is currently doing. We meet in Modern Clothing.
Officers MeetingThird Wed8:00 PMLocation Varies
The populace is encouraged to attend. Officers Meeting is a monthly gathering of the Officers of the Shire for planning purposes. Upcoming events, purchases and other items are discussed, and will then be brought before the group for voting at the next Populace Meeting. Also this is the forum where Officers make the Seneschal aware of any problems and/or potential trouble spots pertaining to the running of and the general well-being of the Shire. We meet in Modern Clothing.
BardicFourth Sat7:00 PMLocation Varies
Bardic is a gathering of folks to share entertainment. In Loch Ruadh, our Bardics include group singing, individual performances, or sitting around and catching up with everyone. Wearing garb is encouraged
Scribes and IlluminatorsDate Varies6:30 PMthe home of Baroness Dana
Scribe & Illuminators is an activity to work on painting Kingdom Award Charters. Please come by even if you do not paint.
The Shire's Library will be open. We meet in Modern Clothing.

Other gatherings include garb workshops (making Middle Ages-style clothing), woodworking and metalworking workshops, armor workshops, brewing and vintning, soap making, cooking, and much more. Please check the online calendar for dates, times and locations.

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